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Regular annual servicing is not only an essential pre-requisite of maintaining the warranty on a new caravan, it is also the best way of maximising the useful life of any caravan or indeed motorhome.

Problems are more likely to be found at an early stage, which can potentially be resolved at a considerably smaller cost than one left for months if not years, particularly in the case of water ingress damage.

As members of the National Caravan Council’s Approved Workshop scheme, customer’s are assured that they will receive a comprehensive and detailed report on their caravan or motorhome’s condition, with recommendations on any further work or attention we feel may be necessary. It is worth noting that as an Approved Workshop, we are able to service any caravan that still carries a manufacturer’s warranty.

A service will normally be completed in the day it was brought in and will be ready for collection later in the day, or if required by the customer, the following day.

Current Servicing costs are as follows, plus VAT at the current standard rate
Full service – single axle caravan £175.00
Full service – twin axle caravan £199.00
Caravan Habitation service £97.00
Undergear service – single axle caravan £115.00
Undergear service – twin axle caravan £130.00
Motorhome habitation service £165.00
Exterior full wash from £30.00
Hourly Labour rate £49.00
Floor Delamination From £195.00
Resealing work - Price on request  

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Pre-Purchase Inspections
We offer a service where we will travel to check over a caravan or motorhome prior to its purchase, particularly for any water ingress damage. We have on occasion saved customers thousands of pounds by identifying problems before a transaction is completed.

Floor Delamination
If you notice that your caravan floor feels spongy or springy ( usually in the kitchen area ) , it is likely that the bonded floor has delaminated. This is repairable by injecting glue into the floor, and an estimate for repair can be obtained on request.

Satellite Systems
The Caravan Clinic works with the Satellite Warehouse of Rowlands Gill, in that they advise on and sell systems that we fit on their behalf.


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Accident Damage

The Caravan Clinic is an approved repairer for all major caravan and motorhome insurers, and specialises in major panel and body repairs. When asked for advice on repairers, many recommend us as they know the job will invariably be completed to the total satisfaction of the customer, and will carry a full years guarantee.

Our team have many years experience in replacing damaged panels, and can replace even a one piece full aluminium side panel to such a high standard that nobody would ever guess that the caravan had ever been damaged.

When appropriate, our fill and spray repairs to flat panels blend in so well they are virtually undetectable.

Once approval is received to undertake an insurance repair, parts will be immediately ordered, and once they have all been received, the customer will be contacted to organise a date for the repairs, always at their convenience so that no booked holidays are lost.

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Damp Repairs & Water Ingress Remedies

Restoring caravans and motorhomes affected by water ingress is another speciality of the Caravan Clinic.

We recommend that all leisure vehicles be damp tested at least once a year so any ingress is found at an early stage and can be resolved inexpensively, normally by a combination of resealing work.

If, however, damage is found which requires the replacement of damaged wallboards and timber framework, our operatives will use , when available, original maufacturer’s parts along with their well honed expertise to restore the interior to as near original condition as possible. A regular comment from customers inspecting a damp repair is that they cannot see what has been done. Our response is that if they can see the repair it’s not a very good job.

Along with the interior restoration work, it is also vital that all possible points of entry of the water are resealed to prevent future problems.

We recommend that damp repairs, once completed, are checked at regular intervals, and of course such repairs are fully guaranteed for a year.

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Industry Leaders

We at the Caravan Clinic always strive to provide the highest quality service possible for all our customers. We feel that the recommendations of satisfied customers is by far and away the best advert for our business.

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Our combination of quality service, customer care and experience makes us the ideal choice for all your caravan servicing and repair needs. Contact Us to find out what we can do for you today.

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